An Invitation and notes on Meeting 2

February 4, 2015

Hi all-

Over Family Weekend we will be having a meeting to cover a lot of information about the trip. We will be meeting in Ordway Living Room (upstairs in the Dining Hall) at 10:30. We will talk about the idea of four point, give specifics about our upcoming trip, and then go through details, details and more details. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions in the full group and to the leaders traveling with your son or daughter.

For parents unable to attend, or those who want to be able to go back over the presentation, we will screen cast the presentation and have it available on the blog soon after the weekend.

Last night we met as a group and gave a short overview of the trip. It was exciting to all be in the same room and the reality of our upcoming adventures is starting to hit home. I think I can speak for the rest of the faculty in saying that we are really excited to travel with this group of 9th graders.

The later part of the meeting we split into our groups and did a little research on the cities and regions we are traveling to. Below is the list of questions that each group had to answer. All groups answered the questions about Beijing and then there were a series of questions about each city specific to the group heading there. I have posted the questions below if you want the opportunity to do the research that your children have done. (There also may be a small quiz during the presentation on these questions…)

Research Questions:

Where in China is Beijing?

Where is the Forbidden city get its name? How many rooms are in it?

What is the name of the Great Wall of China in Chinese? What does it mean?

What is something special in Beijing besides the Forbidden City and the Great Wall?

What food is Beijing best know for?

At noon in Bethel, what time is it in China?

Where in China is Chengdu/Kunming/Xi’an/Quanzhou? Find it on a map. 

How many people live there?

What province is it in?

How long does it take to fly from Beijing to Chengdu/Kunming/Xi’an/Quanzhou? How long would it take by train?

What is the topography and climate of Chengdu and Sichuan/ Kunming and Yunnan/ Shaanxi and Xi’an/ Quanzhou and Fujian?

What is one natural wonder of Chengdu/Kunming/Xi’an/Quanzhou? A man made wonder?

How long have people been living in Chengdu/Kunming/Xi’an/Quanzhou? 

What is one important time period in the history of Chengdu/Kunming/Xi’an/Quanzhou? What happened?

How is food in Sichuan/Yunnan/Shaanxi/Fujian described? What is one dish that Chengdu/Kunming/Xi’an/Quanzhou is know for?

Chengdu: What was the ancient name of Sichuan province? Who lived there?  

Kunming: How many ethnic minorities live in Yunnan province? What is something important about them? 

Xi’an: Who are the Hui people? 

Quanzhou has a strong Muslim/Islamic presence. Why?

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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