An Introduction to Blacksmithing with Eric Ziner

February 25, 2011

Eric Ziner also presented his thoughts to the sophomore class tonight. Eric is full of energy and is a natural speaker. The students are drawn to his carefree attitude and outlook.

Eric started his presentation out by saying , “you learn by making mistakes, and hopefully you feel comfortable enough to fix it. Blacksmithing is about fixing what you just did.”

Eric has always been surrounded by sculptures. He told us tonight that his father was a sculptor and he would help him sometimes. When his father was sculpting, Eric would think, “I could do that”. Eric finds what he does rewarding. He gets pleasure from, in his words, “finding a watch, smashing it, and figuring out how it works.”

Eric is working on a large metal sculpture with some members of the sophomore class. It will be hung in the Gehring stairwell for many years. He is impressed with the work that students have accomplished thus far. During the first session, students scrolled 400 feet of metal in four hours. Impressive!

Eric’s closing remarks to the students included words of encouragement. He believes that everybody can and should draw, and everyone should have the confidence to make mistakes.


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