An evening with George Mason

February 24, 2011

George Mason treated us to a presentation about his work this evening. George has worked with a variety of materials. He began exploring the art of encaustic painting when he started traveling through Asia.

George draws inspiration from places such as India, and Indonesia. Geroge says he is drawn to images of the past, and his work depicts fragments from another time.

A student asked where he finds image inspiration. His response was, he generally sits down, and begins doodling. If you look closely at his work a viewer can see how the images are connected to one another. George draws inspiration from one image and converts it into another one.

George also gave us a brief introduction to the art of encaustic painting. George told us that encaustics began during the age of the Greeks, they used encaustics as a sealant for ships. As Greeks began migrating toward Egypt, the encaustics were seen on tombs. The Greeks painted portraits that hung in homes until that person died, and the portrait was then placed on their tomb.

George said some great stuff this evening including :

“be interested in the detail of something, explore it with great curiosity and depth”

“swim around, get lost, stew in your own boredom, and something will come from that”

Words to live by.


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