An Evening with CJ and Dustin

February 26, 2011

This evening CJ Lewis and Dustin Holzweiss presented to the sophomore class.

Dustin presented first. While some of his students this week already had the opportunity to de bone a chicken, tonight he taught us all how to do it. The intent was to teach students how to prepare meals and save money, this skill will come in handy when these students head off to college. It is amazing how many meals one can have with just one chicken. With just one chicken you can prepare meals for one person for at least five days.

CJ Lewis also presented this evening. He talked a little bit about himself and how he got into the acting profession.  CJ is based out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He studied performing arts at the University of New Hampshire. After college he jumped into acting. CJ enjoys the puzzle that acting presents, and the spontaneity.

One message that he gave to the sophomore class was, “never do anything unless your a little terrified of it. It helps you grow, helps you learn, and makes it important. Being afraid forces you to focus on what you are doing, and make the most of that specific task.”

CJ’s philosophy on life is “scare yourself daily, and jump into the unknown.”, hopefully the sophomore class will listen to this advice, and jump into the unknown.

CJ and his students performed what they had been working on this week. A group of students did a rendition of the three little pigs. Another group performed a version of the dating game. These kids have a lot of talent.


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