an almost sweet defeat

April 12, 2010

Hey guys!
So you’re probably wondering what is with the title of this post, cause it does indeed sound kind of juicy… I’ll tell you it has to do with the girl’s lacrosse team.

Last year, we always struggled when playing against Hebron, because they have a solid team with players who like to play physical. Every game against that school was hard, and we rarely won. However, this year there was a change of pace. Right off the bat we were able to tie up the score, and throughout the game the score remained tied, with Gould gaining a point, and then Hebron catching up, back and forth. Boy was it an exciting game! We even went into overtime, where we lost by one point in the last couple minutes. But even though we weren’t able to pull it through in the last few minutes, we gave it a good, hard fight, and I’m definitely proud of the team. The boys also did very well this weekend, crushing NYA on Saturday on Schroy field. Overall, it was absolutely a great weekend to be a huskie!

Other than the lacrosse games, the rest of the weekend went well, although most of the juniors were stuck inside all Saturday morning taking the ACT’s… what a great way to spend my weekend… Also on Saturday night there were fesitivites down in the Field House, including a cookout with hamburgers and dogs to celebrate Mr. Bean’s TIGER WEEKEND.
I hope everyone has a great week, and remember…
close to only 40 days left till summer!!!!


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