Amelia Brodka Comes to Play

November 15, 2012

Amelia Brodka, Feeble to Fakie

Chris Peterson, Backside 360

So, last weekend Amelia Brodka came home to Gould Academy.  Amelia went to school at Gould for four years.  She got so much out of her years at Gould I can’t even begin to tell you.  What I’m struck by is how much she’s gives back.

We had an open skate session at the Gould Indoor Park.  Toebee Parkhurst and his wife, Jennifer came by as did Chris and Erik Peterson, all the Gould students, Gould Team Manager, Eric Breton, and some of the local riders.  It was the best and the biggest session we’ve had.  There must have been 50 riders and an equal number of folks watching.

On Sunday morning she did a clinic for younger skateboarders.  There were a dozen riders who just didn’t want to quit.  Such a cool thing to happen on a Sunday morning.

I was left feeling so fortunate about the skate scene at Gould and all those who’ve had a part in it.  What Amelia and everyone else probably don’t realize is that they’ve given us much more than they’ve gotten.  Thanks!

Amelia Brodka, Back Smith
Utah Bean, kickturn
Zoe Libby Bean, Brooke Libby, Amelia Brodka
All photos are courtesy of Erik Peterson


Eric Breton, BS Ollie-Oop

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