Am I centered

February 10, 2016

Why can’t I center pots in ceramics? Is it because my life is not centered, am I not applying enough pressure, or do I not know what I want to create?

When creating things in the ceramics studio the first step is making sure the piece is centered and stable on the wheel. If the clay is even a little bit off, it will make the rest of the process more difficult. From pulling clay up from the bottom to make a vase or trimming a foot in a plate. Being centered is the bases for making pots and for life. Finding a base, keeps us grounded. It helps when you have something to go back to or a way of relieving stress after a long day. Some of us enjoy going for a nice run, others an adrenaline filled ski, where some just like to curl up with a good book. We all have our centers, that thing that keeps us from falling over. As we go through life we find more passions and things we enjoy. We make new friends and create lasting bonds. These relationships help to center our lives as well, they keep us on track, and let us know where we need to improve. The center is the base for greatness, from their just like the vase, you can go up and out, and be shaped into unique designs. To fall and start again. The possibilities are endless. Find your center, create your base, and grow from there.

Take a look at this video, maybe it will help you find your center and know where your base comes from.



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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Good advice. Also enjoyed the video.

  2. Avatar Ben Alford says:

    I remember struggling to center a piece when throwing pottery. It will get easier as you practice more.

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