Alums…Gotta Love ’em

January 12, 2012

With the Holiday season over and colleges and businesses starting to demand the return of students and employees, the mass of Gould Academy young alums that returned to Bethel over the break has subsided.
This has truly been an extraordinary time with so many. I’m not sure I can list them all, but here goes.

Dustin Holzweiss, Steph Savage
Max Littlefield, Katie Smith
Jonathan Kranzley, Matt Stone

Some Skier alums - Pre Gould

Thatcher Stone, Kelly Kenyon
Allie Shelly, Gigi Dejoy

Emilie McMillian, Phil Johnston
Scottie Baribeau, Samantha Southam
Tom Duggan, Nathan Kirsh
Kelsie Coccia, Kate Roberti
Adrian Bouthot, Briar Bouthot

Some Alums that were in Bethel (this is not Bethel...!)

Sam Bowen, Shelly Bowen,
Leo Paquette, Chris Lee
Robbie Moulton, Brian Broderick,
Greg Schroy, Brian Schroy
Lewis Feuer, Marty Donavon
Finn Donavon, Patrick Donavon
JP,  Chris Brooks,
Kate Lanigan  Hillary Hough,

Pete Rodway,

Please feel free to add names in the comments below if you were here, or you know someone who was who isn’t on the list.

FYI I’ve left names out on purpose for you to add. Also, we didn’t see everyone that was around so don’t be offended.
One thing I can say is.
Gould Alums are a fun bunch…..!

Plus, can you name the alums in the pics.

The Davies’s’s’s


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  1. Avatar Ally Goddard says:

    John Perrone, Chrissy Liscombe, Meredith Gadd, Caitlin Hathaway, Larkin Bulger, Ally Goddard, and Seth Hawkins.

  2. Avatar Will Daly says:

    I am innocent

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