Alumni, Hot Cider, and Pumpkins for Free

September 30, 2013

Hello Glogies!

First off, this is my very first Glog post, so you may not know me yet. My name is Morgan, but nearly everyone calls me Mona. (It’s a long story to be told at a later date)

What a jam-packed weekend! It was alumni weekend, which for many current students means little. Except for the warm apple cider in the dining hall, the constant sundae bars around campus, and all the “old people” walking around, it’s just another weekend at the Academy.

I used to be one of “those” students who didn’t think alumni weekend was anything too special, but this year that was not the case.

Right after morning class on Saturday I participated in Gould’s  annual “Fun” Run. Now, I put “fun” in quotations because although it may rhyme with “run,” I am not sure the two words should ever be put next to each other. But hey– there’s free t-shirts, cake, AND pumpkins involved and what’s not fun about that?

It was surprisingly enjoyable to run with some of the alumni though. It was a great opportunity to chat with those who have been in my (running?) shoes. As a senior it is always assuring to see some proof that after graduation, I will be okay.
–And hey I even won a pumpkin!

Gould's Anual "Fun" Run



Sunday morning I was able to be on a panel of students answering a few questions of the Alumni. One of my favorites was, “What can we, as alumni, do for you as you?”

So, for all of you alumni reading this Glog post here’s my answer: Just be a smiling face and a welcoming friend wherever it is you are. Come next spring 60 of us will be new Gould alums. And come next fall, we will be spreading across the globe traveling to new towns and new cities. So, what can you do for us? Be there. Be the voice on the other side of the phone with answers to our questions. Be a reassuring hand on the back if we ever feel unprepared. You’ve made it this far- we trust you to help us out.

Until next week-


Buddha quote of the week(shout out to Courtney Colaluca):
“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.”


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  1. Avatar Martha Yules says:

    Mona — you are such a cool student! Wait until you become an alum equipped with the Gould app, your journey will be rocket fueled!

  2. Avatar Zee says:

    I am oh soooo happy you are the new MONDAY post 😉 and gurl, you always can count on a phone call from me 🙂 great post!!! love ya

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