Alibaba…Global Commerce as a 3D Printer

September 29, 2014

The Alibaba IPO, richest in history, has been all over the news.

I didn’t really understand the implications of Alibaba until I watched the video report below which likens Alibaba to a global 3D printer. Honestly, my world shifted a bit after watching this.

As I shared my newfound wonder and excitement with people around campus, I found out that the Admissions office had used Alibaba last year to produce our very popular neckwarmers.  Not the first time I’ve been late to the party.

Social media meets the power of production.  Incredible.

This brings into focus the importance of helping  students develop their creative confidence, their ability to discern things worth doing, and their judgment to use that power in positive ways. I can hardly wait for the IDEAS Center to open in January!

I’ll bet many of you have been on or ahead of this curve. It would be great to hear your stories.




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