Alas…the end is near…

March 30, 2013

Today the skies cleared, we could see more, unfortunately not the mountains, only the foothills.  Perhaps tomorrow, on our way down to the plains.   It will be sad to leave our new found home.  Tonight we had a celebratory dinner put on by our Taktse friends.  Toward the end of the evening we all gathered together and shared thanks for our experience and stories which made our past days so special.  It was such a fitting end to our magical time, at the end of the road, here in Sikkim.

  Tomorrow, we start a marathon of travel and security checks.  We will return and things will seem familiar and comfortable, but we will somehow be different.  It will be hard to leave and yet we look forward to our return to the United States.


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  1. Avatar James McLaughlin says:

    You have a copy of that paper T?

  2. Avatar bearlyreal says:

    Travel safely! Thanks for sharing your trip. Re-entry is always a challenge, but you have one another~ Beth deFrees (class of 1980)

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