Air Bag Training with Gould @ Sunday River

January 8, 2014


In the old days, you needed to huck yourself off a jump to try a new rotation to “trial and error” yourself to perfection. While practice still makes perfect, we have a few facilities that make this process a bit more friendly to athlete’s physical health. In the fall we take a trip to the Water-ramps in Quebec, and now that we have snow on the ground we can train our very own BigAir Bag here at Sunday River!

The BigAir Bag offers one more step in the process of learning new tricks. The athletes can actually test their new tricks on snow, while landing safely on the bag even if they fail to complete the trick perfectly. Once the athlete has adequate practice on the Bag we can move to the terrain park and send those new tricks for the first time.

The guys have spent some time training the bag this early season. Check out what some of them have been working on so far!


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