After a busy week

February 11, 2013

This week went by, day after day

When we all heard the weatherman

“Oh WOW, did he say?…”

Fifteen inches of snow,

two feet at the most!

“I hope for a snowday!”, says my friend’s post.

The Snow falls all day, and into the night.

“Bus trips are cancelled,” teachers say, filled with fright.

So we go to the field house

and dryland is done.

A few games of knockout,

“But dinner’s begun!”

I go home to work like any old scholar,

There’s so much homework, I just want to holler!

I’m stressed beyond limits,

It easily shows,

Three  APs and no acceptances,

Senior year’s taking tolls.

“Oh hey, looky here!” I hear my mom say,

“This letter came in, it came in today!”

A large envelope,

all covered in green,

Boy that’s a sight that sore eyes have seen!

Binghamton University stamped at the top,

I rip open the letter to see what is up!

“Dear John, Congratulations” are the first words,

An acceptance through the mail, THAT I thought, absurd!

And now fewer stresses battle me so,

I thought that you readers just might want to know!


Have a great week!




3 Responses

  1. Avatar Kristen Kimball says:

    I’m glad you’re less stressed, but please let’s remember. You’ve got a lot more fat envelopes coming your way!

  2. Avatar Molly says:

    John, you are a very talented poet. just saying…

  3. Avatar John says:

    Ms. Kimball- Thanks so much! You’ve been hugely supportive throughout the whole process of applying. I don’t think I could have done it without you!

    Molly- Thanks! It’s just a hidden pleasure of mine. Every now and then something witty shows up and I’m proud of it. If I had remembered I had to write a glog post earlier, this would have been much better! Hope all is well!

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