Africa Bound!

March 20, 2013


I saw the Tanzania group off at Logan a few hours ago, complete with Legos, bags of books, solar panels…I’m not sure what else they had in those bags.  They were all smiling and ready to go as they waved goodbye and headed through security.  Bon Voyage, Tanzania!



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  1. Avatar Pat Donovan says:

    I received an email from Sara Shifrin at 3:30 AM that our travelers had arrived in Amsterdam and things were looking good – “all is well” – by 5:00 PM we received a message from Mia Shifrin that “the Tanzania trip got safely to Tanzania and everything went through” …… 🙂 they had LOTS to bring through, for sure! ~ They’re there! Hoorah!!! ~ Safe travels and best wishes for an awesome trip to our wonderful Tanzania group!!!

  2. Avatar Frank Underhill says:

    HI, I am Jake Sherer’s grandfather. My wife and I are anxious to follow the progress of the group. Please include me on any emails, etc,


  3. Avatar Mia says:

    Hi Mommy and Daddy!
    I’m excited to follow your progress on the blog!

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