Advisee function night!! Gould Goes Out to Dinner.

December 16, 2014

OVERHEARD AT ADVISEE FUNCTION: “Hey, can we just stay here tonight? We can all sleep on this couch. “

One of the many fun things we get to do as teachers at Gould, apart from embarrassing our advisees by showing up at a school dance that they are at, is to hjave our advisees over at our house for an evening of fun and games. And food. Always food. As anyone that has advisees and has fed them can attest, an advisee function was one of Moses’ 10 plagues visited on the Egyptians. In the end, it was clear that Pharoah let the Hebrews go because he was running out of food for them. In fact, when they left there was nothing left to eat but some flatbread.

Just imagine if the Hebrews had left Egypt and had gone to Italy instead of Israel? They could have invented flatbread pizza 2,000 years earlier! And Passover would be that much more flavorful. But I digress.

The Alford advisees got together tonight to feast upon chili and cornbread, and to share stories. And to gently tease our 9th grade advisee about his love life. We started our function at about 5:30, ande ended when the last two left at about midnight.

No, wait, it just felt like it was that late! They actually left at the start of study hall, 2 hours after we started. fun was had, the dishes got done, and we spent a lot of time talking about that all important advisee/advisor relationship topic: what we are going to eat at the next advisee function.

Tapas, anyone?



Yours truly, plus Rachel Oh and Jun Lee. At Buddhist temple, Seoul, Korea 2007.

Yours truly, plus Gould alums Rachel Oh and Jun Lee. At Buddhist temple, Seoul, Korea 2007.



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  1. Avatar Tedd Brown says:

    Doug- The gatherings at your house is one of Teddy’s favorite things to do. We look forward to his stories of the time spend with his advisor and fellow advisees on these occasions!

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