Adventures in Adviseeland!!

November 4, 2014

OVERHEARD IN THE FACULTY ROOM: (Said by a math teacher)” I don’t really do numbers. I do math.”

We teachers at Gould Academy have it good. Not only to do we get to live in a beautiful setting, teach what we are passionate about (Spirit of full disclosure: No, I do not teach students about 80’s heavy metal bands. Very often.), and eat terrific food prepared under Master Chef Scheidegger’s careful watch-we also get to work closely with some really great students. Most teachers at Gould are responsible for the care and feeding of several students, clumped together (see last week’s Glog on Clumpology) in groups known as Advisories. Each advisory can be made up of any kind of combination of students. Just ask any Advisor about the diversity of their group of Gouldie Minions. In the Alford advisory one can find boys, girls, International students, US students, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade students and even a PG (who comes from New York City, which is like another country if you are from, say, Farmington Maine, like another of our advisees). We have actors, basketball players, ski patrollers, stair sliders, soccer players, equestrian athletes (GO PONY CLUB!),  nordic goddesses, snowboarders, and cyclists.

Yes, stair sliders.

You see, we have this house in Hanover, Maine (population: Somewhere between ten and three hundred) that has a looooooooong flight of stairs. And some of our intrepid advisees have discovered a new sport. Or activity. Or hobby. Or whatever you want to call it. Well, the advisees have turned the stairs into a bit of a race course. Of course. Because what could be a more obvious sign of impending adulthood than one’s undeniable need to slide really fast down a flight of stairs?

For you visual people out there, it looks like this:

I know. Have a great week!


Random travel photo:


“Lost People”, Allagash Wilderness Waterway, 2014.



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  1. Avatar wendy says:

    Oh, ON the stairs. Not on the bannister? C’mon.

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