Action Packed in Xi’an!

March 26, 2013

Day 2 in Xi’an has been a blast!  The students were thrilled to see us this morning, although they had a good night with their host families.  We started off the day with an introduction ceremony.  We were introduced to the student body of 3,000 and then all of our students individually introduced themselves with great poise.  It was impressive!

After a tour of the school, the students were escorted to a primary school art class where they showed off their painting skills.

They then had a serious soccer game with a team of 4th graders!  They were actually equally matched as the score of 3-3 proves (the 4th graders were clearly really good!).


Another highlight of the day was witnessing the whole school performing perfectly choreographed calisthenics.  We were all fascinated, and have video footage of Matt and joining in. It was a full day, and everyone was quite tired when we parted ways. Here are a few of the pairs as they were heading out.

The rest will be posted tomorrow.  I am sure they will be ready to roll as we head to the Terracotta Warriors!


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  1. Avatar Andee says:


    Please tell all of the teachers in Xian that Doug and I say hi! Especially Helen, Emma, Grace, Sandy, Victor and Ivy! Have a great time and make sure you eat jien bing guoza!


  2. Avatar Vicky Myers says:

    Your trip is going by so quickly! Hope everyone is enjoying the experience, even though some customs may be far removed from ours. Love you, Jess!

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