Acting Class with CJ

February 23, 2011

A group of students began their day with some improv, and acting lessons. CJ Lewis introduced students to some acting techniques, and different ways of practicing their talents. I visited students in the morning and they were working on a team building activity.The goal was to move the rod down to the floor. Students could only use two finger tips, they could not move their fingers at all. This took a lot of communication.

In order for this to work everyone had to work together.

In the afternoon, I walked in on students blindfolded and maneuvering around quite a few obstacles in Bingham auditorium.Today was all about team building. The reason behind this is so that students feel comfortable working with each other. If the students feel comfortable, and trust each other, the improv will be better.

This was amusing to watch.
Just another obstacle.

One student said that he really enjoyed the games, and is looking forward to the improv sessions.


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