A Whimsical week at Gould Academy

December 15, 2011

Since last Wednesday’s thoughts on life at Gould.

  • I, Mrs Davies has had meniscus surgery.
  • There was a FIS race at Sunday river which saw students and alum students competing.
  • The Snowball went off, without a hitch, with lots of dancing to an amazing swing band.
  • I had lots of visitors needing ribbons and needle and thread or just … Do I look nice in my dress… I was quite the captive audience for a few days.
  • I drank lots of cups of tea thanks to the girls popping to check on me …. I think the biscuit (cookie) barrel was the draw.
  • The Big Air Bag arrived, and the teams have been practicing hard landing all sorts  of tricks

Then last night was a special dance in Ms Frailey’s class room and the students all danced the evening away. Oh and we threw a few classes in there as well.
Now we will finish the week off with Yulefest. Thinking about all these happenings Is quite exhausting even though I have not really done a lot myself over the past week.

As I am now on the mend  I finally left the apartment I ventured into a hallowed room at Gould….!!!

It’s not for the faint hearted, you need to take a deep breath and enter at your own risk.
Have I got  your Interest ?
Team  LePerle is the place the students go to to rehab from injuries, get taped up for basketball game ( the boys won today, just sayin’ ) get ice or just drop in to say “hi I’m feeling great thank you”.
Ryan LePerle  started at Gould this fall as the athletic trainer and has established himself as an amazing resource for staff and students. And as I embark on the road to recovery,  I  went for a visit to make sure I was doing my exercises correctly, and get some ice. I found the room to be a hive of activity and due to confidentiality I can’t go into details except to say we are all being well looked after and will eventually all be fit and healthy to attend the early morning workout sessions in the gym…. Mmmm will have to think about that one.

So have a great vacation, rest up, work out, eat well and let’s enter 2012 happy  healthy and ready to embark on any new adventures that come our way.

Happy Holidays

The  Davies’s’s’s


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