a well deserved rest.

December 20, 2010

I have to say sitting down to write this glog entry this morning was quite difficult seeing as though all I’ve done in the past 48 hours is sleep, eat, and sleep some more (I love vacation)… I suppose I could mention all of the things that happened this past week on campus, although I do tend to like to focus more on the previous weekends at the Academy (much to Mr. Alford’s disdain).

The last week at Gould, especially the last few days could be summoned up in one word: FRANTIC.  Teachers piled us up with projects and tests, all of which we were frantically trying to complete and study for by the end of the week so we could hurry on home for Christmas break.  The week concluded with the all so famous Yulefest on Friday night, followed by a delicious assortment of cookies to choose from at the Cookie Walk, a fundraiser for Gould’s “Reach-out” community service club.

I hope everyone’s taking advantage of the almost unlimited amounts of sleep available now that we’re at home. Have a good break and Merry Christmas!


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