A Week of Spirit

October 30, 2015

Hey glog-followers, today you are going to get a taste of the what the past week was like on campus! Every year, Gould has a tradition of doing a fall Spirit Week. Spirit Week, for those of you who don’t know, is a week where each day has a different theme, and the students and faculty get to dress up to correspond with the theme. Each year the themes vary, but the enthusiasm is always the same. As a proctor, I was on the “planning board” for this year’s Spirit Week.


Monday – The week began with everyone sporting their individual class colors. Below is a picture of some of last year’s seniors, miss you guys!

  • Freshman – Blue
  • Sophomores – Green
  • Juniors – Red
  • Seniors – Black
  • Faculty – Pink

Peter, Grace, Skye, Elle, and Josh

Tuesday – Tuesday was twin day, the outfits ranged from formal to well… whatever this is…


Mikey, Ken, and Ward

Wednesday – Hump day consisted of everyone dressing in their nation’s colors. For me that meant red, white, and blue the whole day through 🙂


Thursday – In the spirit of Thursday being sleep-in day, the theme was pajama day. Many onesies made their debut yesterday. I wasn’t able to find a picture of these outfits… maybe, people were just too lazy to take pictures…

Friday – To conclude the week on a high note, and because it’s the day before Halloween and high-schoolers are still little kids at heart, we are sporting our costumes. Personally, I’m dressed as Simon, from Alvin and the Chipmunks, with Jess Myers as Alvin, and Hayli Poisson as Theodore. Last year, I was Alex from the Netflix show, Orange is the New Black (seen below).


Hayli, Elle, and I

Thanks for reading, and talk to ya next week,



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    Sounds like a fun week:)

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