a warmer winter.

December 21, 2009

Hey Guys,
I’m writing to you all from sunny Florida, where the weather is a comfortable 60 degrees, much better than the close to zero degree weather a lot of you are experiencing right now. My family and I are spending the holidays down here, in the warm weather to try something new… to have a Christmas without snow for once. I must say I am enjoying this change, because I am enjoying laying around near palm trees versus freezing my butt off in a blizzard. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas down here though. I can’t really say the Florida population is embracing the winter spirit quite like the New Englander’s do. There is a lacking of wreaths, reindeer, and big Christmas trees, but then again we’re down in the warm south, so fake snow and a nativity scene in someone’s front yard might not be acceptable. Well, I’m gonna go out for a run in the sunny weather. I hope everyone’s Christmas is wonderful, and you all have a great rest of break!


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  1. Avatar John O'Reilly says:

    Florida?! I want to join!

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