A Tribute to my Second Home

May 16, 2012

Howdy y’all,

Well, here we are: the last week of classes and my second to last GLOG post (sniffle, sniffle). After reading Molly’s post about the “First-Last’s” and completing our first graduation “marching practice” as a senior class, it’s really starting to set in: I’m graduating in TEN DAYS. TEN.

Tonight there is a gathering at 7pm for the four-year seniors and the entire freshman class. Correction. Tonight there is ICE CREAM for the four-year seniors and the entire freshman class. I got my invitation to this lovely event in my e-mail the other day and it got me thinking. Where did all the time go? I actually distinctly remember going to this ice cream social as a freshman, sitting amongst all the other four-year seniors (thinking how big and old they all were), and listening to them each talk a little about their Gould experience and what they got out of it.

After doing a little math, I figured out that day was about 1,095 days ago. About 1,095 days have passed since I watched Caitlin Forbes (a senior at the time) stand up and tell us all that someday we will be in her shoes, with about a week left at Gould, reflecting on our time spent here, being excited and nervous about moving on. I remember thinking how far away that day was, how much time I still had left, how many things I still had left to experience, and I especially remember thinking how I would be just excited, and not nervous.

Now I’m here. 1,095 days later, about a week left, reflecting every day, all the time, on my four years here. With this e-mail I got a few days ago, I’ve been thinking even more about my personal experience and everything it’s meant to me. Gould hasn’t just been a place where I’ve studied a lot of cool subjects, gotten the chance to ski, and traveled to amazing destinations, but it has been a place where I have met some of my closest friends, connected with more people than I would have ever thought possible, and a place where I have felt comfortable. I have become accustomed to the people, the schedule, the events, the drama, the lifestyle, everything. I know where everything is, I know all the students and faculty, I know Gould. It has been my home for four years now.

I guess tonight I’ll be that big old senior, standing up and talking about my four years at Gould. But I’ve realized now that when I talk about Gould, I’m not just talking about my high school, I’m talking about my second home, the place I have known best for the last couple years of my life. I now understand what Caitlin was talking about 1,095 days ago. I can put myself in her shoes. Moving past Gould is going to be one of the most exciting and yet one of the most scary things I have ever done: I’m truly moving away from home.

I guess now I don’t have to stand up and talk tonight, people can just come and read this post. 1,095 days flew by, and as I remember these past four years, I can only wonder where I will be 1,095 days from today, who I will have met, what I will have seen and experienced, where I will have traveled, and whether I will have found a home anything like this one.

See you all back here next week, for the Wednesday GLOG finale!



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  1. Avatar Leslie Senior Martin '86 says:

    Kudos to all of you! I myself was a 4 year senior. My son Ben is a 4 year senior. It’s a very special club to belong to and will always be one of the most important, and special, chapters of your life!

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