A Traveling Day… Zion to Moab

March 25, 2013

It was a long day.  It was an amazing day!  We saw so much, but drove a ton as well.  Here are the highlights.

Leaving Zion, our last look from the top.

This is the gang at Bryce Canyon National Park.  We did a 3 mile hike, and saw the amazing sights.  (A side note, there is a sign that says no skiing or snowboarding in this national park.  The kids were very empathetic towards me.  Still beautiful, none the less.)Then we got way off the beaten path, and pushed our luck on a dirt road.  We were rewarded with this…

It is hard to tell, but this is an arch, the first big one of the trip, and it is over 200 feet tall.  It was gorgeous, and fun for all of us to be pretty much the only ones who ventured to see it.  It makes you wonder what else is out there…

Later we rounded a corner on the road, and were met with this ridiculous view.  It is called the Million Dollar Road, and it is stunning.  I wish that we were better photographers, because none of these images seem to do what we have seen any justice at all.

This is a slot canyon that we tried to find on our own.  It has no name that we know of, and it was short.  This is a view looking out from the darkness towards the group who are coming in from the light.

Finally we saw the sun set at Capital Reef National Park.  It was cold windy and beautiful.  We pulled into Moab at 11 pm.  We are sleeping in this morning, then off to Arches, or Canyonland…  So many options!


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    Bryce Canyon is such an amazing place. Love all your pictures too.
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