A Snapshot

February 19, 2008

Although we had some rain falling early this week, last week was one of *S*N*O*W*. So much, in fact, that Gould vehicles didn’t leave their parking spots. There was some grumbling around the lunch tables by skiers and riders who wanted to go to the mountain. But, apparently there was also some problem-solving.

If Gouldies can’t get to the mountain, the mountain comes to them! What’s needed for a good day at the mountain? The skiers and riders who spend most of their time in terrain parks need some gravity (got it), some slope (the hill next to Gehring and Ordway), some rails and jumps (just a little effort with a shovel and creative thinking), and some coaching (have skills, will travel). Before lunch was even over there was a crew of kids on the top of the snow bank, looking toward the field house. Below them were a variety of obstacles and… their coaches! Snow can not stop our on-snow programs, even when it seems the whole state is waiting for the snowplows. In addition to all that’s needed for training, the students had set up a sound system. We had our very own snow-bank-enhanced rail-jam happening.

I watched for a few minutes and was impressed by the skills of our students. I walked away, however, thinking that Gould is an awesome place to go to school.

This snapshot has been brought to you by the one-handed GLOGGER. March 11th the cast comes off and I’ll again find myself being too verbose. Until next week…



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