A picture paints a 1000 words

January 31, 2008
Who would mess with these young ladies, they are ready for action TEAM BLUE

The staff take on new identities……The Plaidettes… TEAM PLAID

Day Students arrive in style TEAM RED

As you may of guessed the theme of the week is Winter Carnival and we have had the thunder stolen twice but we are also going to post photos. This is one of the most exciting mornings at Gould. The rush to find the right color, the right outfit and get the game face out of the closet.
So here for your entertainment is a few photos we chose from the 350 we took on the day. We are not sure where Kiley got her information from about Captain Plaid….. we will let you decide…………

Davidson in the ameba race the object of the race is to work as a team…. all linking arms and run through knee high snow with one member of the team in the middle being carried by another member of the team

Human sled race……..4 people drag the smallest person as fast as they can around a course….. this race has points for style, fun and is timed. Style points are awarded……. the gold of Holden in the distance
The 8th Graders…… for not a large team they had great energy

Team red off and running

The tandem ski race ….two members of the team are on one pair of skis and they have to go as fast as they can in a straight line with the rest of the team chanting and as they go past the team has to keep the line up by running to the front of the line. Lots of different techniques ……
the best is stand still and punt with your arms

The relay race….. this year the faculty set an amazing course….. run down the hill …..slide with style along a bench….. get up and run around a course back to a larger bench that you had to climb on and jump off in style and there was a team of judges shouting out points for the tricks performed…….. there was lots of calls from the judges for face plants as they came with lots of points…… and you had to get as many people through the course in a set time
The 8th graders after the relay race there was only 8 of them and some went 3 times
The morning if finished off with the tug of war…… this is the point where I finally loose my voice but its all worth it..Davidson domination……till next year winter carnival will just be a memory ……. talked about on a regular basis.

Thanks to all the faculty who set it up…..
a big shout to Mr Baker for pulling it all together.

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