A Moment of Peace

October 20, 2010

This past week off, at least for seniors, has probably been characterized by enough traveling to make you feel as though you are the soul cause of global warming.  That is at least how this week has been for me.  I have traveled from Bethel, ME down to New London, CT over to my home town of Westport, CT where I spent only one night.  On monday I left around mid day to travel to upstate New York, then over the course of the week traveled down from New York to Pennsylvania.  Luckily for me, I was able to take a break from all the traveling and college stress to visit my grandparents in Scranton, PA where everything felt welcoming and just right.  While sitting at the dinner table eating a meal prepared by my grandmother it occurred to me what my 89 year old grandfather and 82 year old grandmother have seen and lived through during their lifetimes.  You could see effects and influence of the many generations they have lived through in America, which we study in school and read about, right there in there at the dinner table.  No one has meals like they used to.  My Grandmother cooks meals with different courses and amazing home cooked food that brings on a feeling of nostalgia for the times where I was not even alive.  At my grandparents house, everything is so simple with a certain environment that can’t help but to remind you of the asylum that your family can provide.  The household in which my grandparents live, the people that they are, and the stories that they bring with them would require much more time than this blog can afford to give.  I just hope that everyone is lucky enough to share this same feeling of comfort and asylum wherever it may be.  The key to wisdom really is age, because they lived through everything the 20th century had to offer, and they are probably the smartest people I have ever known.

Thanks for reading and go Yankees,



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