A modest request from a Gould teacher- Revisited

October 11, 2011

OVERHEARD IN HOLDEN HALL: “The internet is SO FAST tonight!  Like….like my GRANDMOTHER!” (a student from China)

Last May found me writing a Glog entry.  Not just any Glog entry, but my proverbial “mother of all Glog entries.”  I received more responses from that entry than from all of my other entries from last year combined.  Heck, I got more response from that day’s musings than from a typical Spanish 2 class.

I got e-mails, tweets, blog reponses, carrier pigeons, and paper airplanes.  People came up to me on the street to let me know what they thought.  One person even responded via sign on the back of a bi-plane.

OK, I made all that up.  Except for the “most responses” part.  So you are now thinking: “What could El Jefe have written about to elicit such a reaction?  Well, you can read the original entry here:


Basically, I wanted a puppy.  A good puppy, a sweet puppy, but most of all, a big, dumb puppy.  Dumb, as in “not smarter than me.”

Fast forward 4 months—> Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you:


Ranger completed his first hike on Monday, climbing to the top of Bald and Speckled Mountains in Peru (Maine, not Ecuador’s neighbor).  And he never asked why we were going there, he just scampered along the trail with his family.  Like a good dog.

Ahh, sweet, happy dumbness (dumbation? dumbity? Dumbicity?).

By the way, he’s not roaring in the picture, he’s yawning.

You may now tell me what a beautiful puppy we have.  Our operators and carrier pigeons are standing by.



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