a look back at time.

January 3, 2011

Now this morning before I sat down to write my entry for today, I spent time thinking about my responsibility as a glogger.  “Monday Musings” are what I am required to provide for readers, and to fully understand my duties as a writer I decided to research what a “musing” exactly was… TheFreeDictionary.com (not my most credible source) claims a musing is a contemplation, a meditation, a thought.  So let me take you through a series of thoughts I’ve had over the past week regarding both the past, the present, and the future.

What I find the most intriguing about this series of thoughts I’ve had recently is that they all have been sparked by one photograph:

BAM. Here we have it. Young, innocent, freshman.  Here is Hannah and I in the winter of freshman year, I think at winter carnival (from the looks of the face paint I have on).  After discovering this picture, I started to think about my journey at Gould and where it has taken me, and also how far along the journey I already am.  It hit me hard the most on the morning of January 1st 2011… 2011!!! that’s the year I’m graduating.  GRADUATING. I swear I was that freshman in the picture just yesterday.  The truth however is that time flies.  It honestly does.  8th grade year at Gould doesn’t even seem too long ago, maybe just a couple years… not four.

Now I’m sure people are sitting at home, angry that they have to go back to school today and end their lovely vacations, and yes I feel the same way.  However, I do want to say one thing: TIME FLIES. Before you know it, the winter will be coming to an end, and people will begin on their four-point adventures, whether it be flying for 14 hours to China, or getting lost in the snowy woods.  Then, it’s spring! The best time of year at Gould.  So my advice is to just hang in there.  The school year is already half-way over.

Also, seniors- WE GRADUATE in… five months. Hallelujah.


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