A Lifeline to Experts in College Admissions

May 3, 2018

The College Admissions Program

Each year during the Spring Parent and Family Weekend, Gould College Counseling designs an invaluable College Admissions program for our tenth- and eleventh-grade students and their families. Full of inside tips for managing the college admissions process, the program brings top admissions professionals to Gould for some compelling face time with our families. The morning kicks off with a Question and Answer Panel, then promptly transitions to a series of workshops on topics ranging from essay writing and financial aid, to athletic recruiting and how to nail your college interview. It’s a wealth of information packed into an ultra-productive morning.

College Admissions Panel

Director of College Counseling, Brooke Libby moderates a panel of distinguished guests.

For Director of College Counseling, Brooke Libby, the purpose of the program is to give families direct access to college admissions professionals. “For some, that is simply gaining an overview from the comfort of the audience, and for others that takes shape in one-on-one conversations,” she explains.

The Admissions Insiders

This year’s panel of experts included:

College Admissions Workshop

Will ’19 gets some advice from Erik DeAngelis on Ivy League Math Programs.

As evident from the list above, the program features a wide array of institutions – colleges and universities that already attract a lot of Gould applications and others that may be unexpected, a welcome surprise. “I like to invite folks from a variety of institutions – big and small, research universities and liberal arts colleges, near and far. I choose schools that use testing in their admissions evaluations and those that don’t, highly selective institutions and some with broader admissions policies,” says Brooke.

One thing all of these experts have in common is a love for working with students. “More important than the schools are the people. I invite friends and colleagues I have known for years who are warm, humane, kind – people who enjoy speaking with students and have a sense of humor. Laughter helps.”

College Admissions Workshop

Marylyn Scott leads a discussion on the role of standardized tests in college admissions.

The Takeaway

Laughter most certainly helps. College Admissions can be a complicated and stress-inducing topic. The mere mention of FAFSA forms is enough to make most parents’ blood pressure rise. That is where Gould College Counseling comes in: to demystify the process and build confidence.

“I hope students and families walk away – whatever stage they are in – feeling more empowered, less pressured, and like they have a connection, a lifeline to experts in college admissions. I want families to know that college admissions folks know Gould and see our students. I especially want students to know that admissions deans are human beings who, by and large, are looking for reasons to admit applicants.”

– BROOKE LIBBY | Director of College Counseling

At the end of the Q & A Discussion, Brooke gave the panelists one last chance to weigh in with a nugget of wisdom for families. Without hesitation, Erik DeAngelis stated, “You’ll be fine,” which simultaneously broke any remaining tension in the room and set the tone for their journey ahead.


The Bonus!

Check out the videos below to see the panel discussion in its entirety and a workshop on The Do’s & Don’ts in the College Process with Fumio Sugihara.


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