A Late Welcome Back

April 16, 2014

Hey Y’alll out there in cyber space,

It’s been a while! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday again and I haven’t posted, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! With school back in full swing and spring sports already going strong, safe to say I’ve been running around all over the place busy with remaining college-related things to do, lacrosse-related things, and of course, good old schoolwork. Hopefully I can get back to you next week with some more news and a well-thought out post.

In the meantime, if you’re planning a visit anytime soon, plan on taking a canoe.











Yes, that is water where the lower fields used to be… Photo courtesy of the Gould Academy facebook page.

Float on glog world, and see ya next week!




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  1. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    Hi Cathryn,
    A moment in ancient Gould History: In the Fall of 1967, there was talk of actually flooding the lower field and creating a permanent lake. It never got beyond discussions. The only athletic field there then was the far lower Soccer Field. Where the Men’s Soccer and Field Hockey Fields are today were areas of grass, brush and other types of wetland vegetation. A great area for Biology Field Trips.
    Take care and Thanks for the Post. Have a good Spring.
    Charlie Newell ( your Mr. Newell’s Dad)

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