A Great First Day in Tanzania!

March 18, 2015
Mrs Shifrin was able to send along these pictures but she couldn't blog directly from Tanzania. 
See below for her comments about the day.

We planted trees at the new secondary school where we met our hosts. 
After planting we went to TJS for a tour of the school. 
The library the Gould students helped to design is amazing. 
After a school visit, the students went into town to visit a fabric store and have shirts and 
skirts made by a fundi. 
Dinner will be at the lodge. 
It's an early night for us all as safari starts tomorrow !

TZ 1 TZ3 TZ4
 TZ2  TZ5
 TZ7 TZ8
 TZ9 TZ7 

4 Responses

  1. Avatar Hillary Twigg-Smith says:

    Fabulous! Thanks for sharing these great photos. Gardening and planting- what a great group project to bring people together. Have a fun safari!!

  2. Avatar Elizabeth Grammas says:

    Thank you! Looks like a blast!

  3. Avatar Sarah Flores says:

    Great photos!! Thank you so much for posting!!

  4. Avatar Kurt Fisher says:

    Very nice!!!

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