A Good Negotiator Does Not Negotiate

May 23, 2013

It is a typical Wednesday morning assembly. Mr. Siekman has given a great presentation about his life and the love of outdoors that dominated most of it. Ella and Courtney rush in after the presentation takes only 2 announcements due to time constraints, and then plays a video.

The video shows Hayden as he informs what this is about. A number of freshmen were missing in that morning’s assembly, but certainly the number was not significant enough to be anomalous (they could just be running late). Hayden states that seniors have taken 15 freshmen in an undisclosed location, that they will not be harmed and seniors have some demands. The demands are: seniors night with a movie with nachos and chicken wings and 30 more minute free time for seniors.

Our fellow senior class representatives (head proctors) displayed their amazing negotiating skills and was able to win all the demands (and also pizza to the list of snacks). A good negotiator does not negotiate, unless for even better terms. A great victory for the senior class of Gould!

No freshmen were harmed in the events (although they did lose some sleep.)

See you next week,

Min Jae


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