A Good Haiku For You

January 11, 2014

Hello All!

So here’s another thing about me: I love haikus! Who doesn’t like a good, fun short poem? Throughout the week I asked a handful of students and faculty members to write one of these famous little poems about their Winter break. Here they are!

Christmas t’was a blast
Memories and fun for all
I love Christmas break

It was wonderful!
I went to the Chinatown!
I ate so much food!

I had a great time
Christmas was quite amazing
There’s no place like home

Racing then dormant
A take home AP Calc test
Now senioritis

I skied merrily
Sunday River was my home
My broken arm lives

No more school hooray
I will ski and eat and sleep
School is here too soon

Cold air, warm furnace
Presents equal happy kids
Fun with family

It rained yesterday
Massive freezing then ensued
Welcome to ice world

Christmas was at home
My presents under the tree
Flew to Hawaii

I watched many shows
I sat on the couch and ate
Netflix was my friend

I raced on my skis
I was very cold most days
Sleeping was awesome

Lots of Christmas cheer
But that’s not for me
I eat Chinese food

I hiked in the woods
I skied powder at Alta
Break was hella fun

I went for a ski
It was so much fun for me
Merry Christmas y’all

It was relaxing
I visited family
Who live in New York

It was very cold
I flew to where it was warm
And soaked up the sun

I did not do much
I skied at Sunday River
And enjoyed the snow

The snowfall was great
I stayed by the pellet stove
For the whole 2 weeks

Chose the perfect tree
Decorated it with lights
Then the cat attacked

I slept merrily
Outside was too cold for me
So in peace I slept

Training and racing
Competitions aplenty
School started too soon

Snow, lots of white snow
Coming down hard, light, fluffy
Lets have a party

I didn’t travel
Skiing’s better anyway
I got to sleep in

Chicago was cold
My flight was delayed 3 days
I had a long break

I got stuck at home
I had a really long break
It was really fun

What time is it now?
Maybe I should get up now
no – vacation – sleep

Sleep 16 hours
‘Nother day, ‘nother dreadlock
Ice storms like crazy

I got my license
While I was in Korea
And visited friends

There was an ice storm
My driveway was an ice rink
I don’t like the ice

I hope you enjoyed all the lovely little haikus.
Until next week!

fortune cookie #11
“Patience is a key to joy”


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  1. sara shifrin sara shifrin says:

    Words craft the unseen.

    Days apart from each other

    Home again, at Gould

    Thanks, advisee! Love it!!

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