A few sights of Xi’an

February 27, 2011

Quote of the Weekend: “It is snowing hard, I called to make sure you are ok.” ~ our guide/one of XFLS’s English teachers calling us after he had left and we had set off on our own. We are both from Maine… it was little more than a flurry… different ideas about winter weather…

Tucker and I had a great weekend.  Just thought I would post a few pictures of some of the sights that your students may have seen this weekend…

The Bell (left) and Drum (right) Towers, both built during the Tang Dynasty about 800 years ago.

Big Goose Pagoda and the Largest fountain in Asia, complete with show…

The Grand Mosque in the Muslim Quarter.

The Muslim Quarter, a great place for a meal and a wander through some very traditional areas of the city.

And one more photo I just could not resist!

Tucker Kimball eating a chicken foot… a Chinese delicacy!  At one point the US was actually exporting chicken feet to China for consumption here.

We are very excited to see the students tomorrow and hear all about their weekends with host families. We have one more full day here in Xi’an, capped off with a farewell banquet tomorrow evening. Then on Tuesday we beginning our long trip home, with many new stories and new friends a world away.



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  1. Avatar Sara Shifrin says:

    Harrison may never be the same if he sees his dad eating a chicken’s foot! Great pics.

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