A Downtown Adventure

February 25, 2011

Today, Chengdu 2 ventured off-campus for a trip into downtown Chengdu.  We boarded a three car caravan and began the harrowing ride into the city.  To say that driving in Chengdu is “interesting” might be understating it a bit.  We witnessed a U-turn from the right hand lane, of three lanes, four across on a three lane road, including a bus, and the ever popular 5 lanes all turning left, without any traffic signal.  They might as well not have lines on the roads over here, including the center line, because no one pays any attention to them.  Anyway, we eventually made it to the the Qingyang Gong, or Green Ram Temple, the most extensive Taoist temple in the region.  Here we saw more beautiful architecture, along with many Taoists doing ritual prayers that included candles and incense.  From the temple it was off to a quick lunch of local cuisine, then on to Wuhou Shrine and Jinli Street.  The first is a shrine around the tomb of Liu Bei, and the second is an adjacent street that has been gentrified and is popular with tourists and locals alike.  After a wander through Jinli we all gathered at the most recognizable landmark we could find, Starbucks.  Those who arrived early indulged in frozen concoctions and caught up on their journal writing.  After another meal of local specialties it was off for an evening of Sichuan Opera, complete with traditional instruments, Kung Fu, fire breathers, and the World famous changing faces.  We returned to campus well into the evening where the host families were waiting for us.  The kids are off with their host families for the weekend and we look forward to hearing the stories of their weekend adventures on Monday.  We’ll post again after we are all together at the start of the week.

Rubbing the Green Ram for luck and health!

Scary guy!

It’s good to be the King!

Catching up on journals….

A traditional Sichuan meal

Massages at the opera

Man of many faces!

Don’t try this at home!!


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  1. Avatar Victoria Fimiani says:

    The food looks amazing, as does the opera and the massage. What an experience. Enjoy! Thank you, Gould Academy.

  2. Avatar Bob Thompson says:

    A massage at the opera! Fire breathing! Real Sichuan cuisine! Imagine that.
    Give our love to Isaiah. We really miss him.

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