A Day To Remember

January 18, 2010

Hey everyone, I just wanted to start this post by saying Happy MLK Day! Today was a great day, because we all got to attend workshops run by students, and listen to guest speaker Reverend Thompson in celebration of MLK day. I myself ran a workshop called, “Songs of the South,” which was a presentation on the ‘voice’ of the civil rights movement, and about the songs and artists who influenced the movement. In the morning, “The Rev” (as he asked us to call him) spoke words of peace and hope, and taught us how to step out of our own “tribe” to diversify and broaden our horizons by meeting and interacting with other people. He was an amazing speaker, and also singer! Reverend Thompson sang multiple songs including Amazing Grace, and was absolutely amazing. After our morning session in the auditorium, we all headed off to workshops where we learned about different aspects of the civil rights movement, conflicts going on today regarding racial tension, and engaged in debates about current issues on race and equality. The day as a whole was absolutely one to remember.

The weekend was pretty good also. On Friday we had a residential rumble that involved sprinting up and down the stairs and halls of Hanscom in a time trial. It definitely showed who REALLY was in shape in our school.

I hope everyone has a great week and see you next Monday!


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  1. Avatar Greg Gilman says:

    I agree, The Rev's singing was very inspirational. Here's a link to his performance of "Amazing Grace". Enjoy!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbojon-ZWk4

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