A Day Spent in the Service of Others

March 4, 2014

That’s right!  After spending all of Sunday thinking about themselves, on Monday, the sophomores spent all day thinking about other people.  Everyone was busy doing something most of the day.  Here are just a few pictures of their much appreciated efforts:


Dattar and Yutaro making homemade potato chips for the senior citizen luncheon.

jim serving

Jim serving the folks at his table

choc straw

What luncheon wouldn’t be complete without chocolate dipped strawberries?


Jim McLaughlin helping the singers rehearse before performing for the luncheon guests

moving lambs

Emma and Ken moving the lambs.

painting arch

painting a piece of the farm equipment









good shepherd 1

Good work at the Good Shepherd Food Bank

food kitchen

Octavio, Leela, Izzy, Jules, Nick, Mariana and Brooke all preparing to serve a meal at the Trinity Jubilee Center Soup Kitchen.

somali meal

Leela, Robert and Chase preparing a traditional Somali meal for the following day.


John putting together some office furniture




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