A Day in the Life of a High School Senior – Winter Edition

January 27, 2017

Emmett Dorval-Hall ’17:

Those are just a few ways Emmett can describe himself in his time at Gould.

He knows the heartbeat of the school very well. Having two older siblings who walked the same hallways, helps him to appreciate the recent history of Gould. Where it has been, where it’s going, and everything in the middle.

This Thursday was spent like many other Thursday’s at Gould in the Winter Term. Though routine for Emmett, a day like this can be rare for others outside of our community. This is a day in the life of Emmett.

Thursday January 26, 2017:

8:00AM – Head to the Mountain

A bus from campus gets him to the Kailey Competition Center at Sunday River Ski Resort before 8:30am. There Emmett can spend the morning training with his Freestyle teammates, exploring the trails and escaping the world for awhile.

Emmett uses this time as his escape from the pressures that come with being a teenager in the depths of his senior year, while still planning for the next step.

He can learn from failure here on the hill, pick himself up and continue on again. The mountains are his classroom.

“On the mountain I can get lost.  I can use the time to think.  Or not think at all.  It’s my release.”

12:00PM – Back to Campus

After the morning sessions at Sunday River the school shuttle takes Emmett back to campus to start the academic day. After a shower and quick change in the dorm it’s off to the dining hall for lunch with friends and swapping of Snap Chat stories before getting to the daily assembly.

‪Downtime spent in-between classes collaborating on class work and social life. #goingtogould #gouldlife ‬

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12:40PM – Assembly

Daily announcements are given and the school is treated to a presentation from the students in the Global Club. After learning about how China and Korea celebrate the New Year, Emmett is ready to get to the classroom and take care of business.

1:00 – 5:15PM – The Academic Day

In Precalculus the class is going over graphing rational functions with Ms. Lowe. Next up in Modern Storytelling Techniques, Emmett is taking advantage of a flexed course time where he can meet with Ms. Shifrin one-on-one in the Marlon Family IDEAS Center thanks to our blended curriculum. She helps him to form his interview questions, from “softball” to the more advanced.

Afterwards we head to Law and Society where the class is preparing for a mock trial with Mr. Ruby, Gould’s Head of School. “This is your time to shine!” Mr. Ruby imparts to the class. Everyone is learning their roles in the process.

The last class of the day is Culture and Identity with Mr. Riley where Emmett is reading The Kite Runner and learning about betrayal and dealing with guilt.

5:45PM & Beyond – Dinner, Study Hall, and finally a chance to rest.

After the academic day, Emmett has dinner with friends back at the dining hall. After some down time in the dorm it’s time for study hall from 7:30-9pm to end the day.

To wrap up the day in the life, I asked Emmett what he likes best about Gould.

“What I like most about Gould is it allows me the opportunity to pursue skiing and lacrosse to the limits that I desire. With the academics that I need.”

Thanks Emmett, for letting me tag along.


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