A Day In The Life of a Gould Teacher

January 16, 2013

OVERHEARD AT A NORDIC RACE: “Hey, If I prefer skate races to classic races, does that make me a race-ist?”

Dear diary, (spirit of full disclosure: I don’t have a diary, and if I did I wouldn’t start any entry this way)

A young man came up to me yesterday afternoon and asked me for money.  I tried to ignore him for a while, but he was so persistent that I gave him five dollars. When I asked his name he just turned to me, gave me a funny look, and as he walked away said “thanks, Dad.”

I guess I’ve been busy lately. Winter tends to be like this at the Academy, when we all move at breakneck speed trying to do everything.  Sometimes the day passes by and you can’t remember what you did.  Or ate.  Or said.

So I thought I’d run through yesterday’s schedule and verify that, in fact, this is a very busy place, this Gould Academy.  Are your seat belts fastened? OK, here we go- my Monday play-by-play:

6:35 am- alarm goes off, and almost instantaneously the snooze button is hit.

6:44 am- alarm goes off again, snooze hit again.

6:44 and-ten-seconds am- Gould’s Math department chair elbows me in the ribs. I’m out of bed.

6:48 am- after waking up grumpy 10 year old daughter I go downstairs to prepare coffee, tea, breakfast and lunches.

7:00 am- Everyone awake. Get dressed, shave, help Andee push kids out of door, drink coffee.

7:35 am- Shoes on, coat on, realize I’m still in PJs. Ugh. Quick-change.

7:44 and 30 seconds am- out the door, sprint to assembly.

7:45-8:00 am- Assembly. Fellow Glogger Zee Krstic delivers a very memorable Four Point presentation.

8:05-9:05 am- Spanish 4/5 class. No idea what I said for the first 10 minutes, then the coffee kicked in.

9:10-11:15 am-Free dot, then Spanish 2. Made a test, then Test prep.  Used extra time to check my faculty room mailbox.

11:30-12:15 pm- Wrote a note to myself reminding me to check my mailbox more. Had lunch.

12:15-12:50 pm- Advisee time. Chose activities for MLK Day. Also reminded advisee #6 to charge her cellphone.

1:00-3:10 pm- Spanish 2, then Spanish 2. My Spanish 2 jokes get funnier the more I reuse them.

3:20-5:00 pm- Outdoor Emergency Care class.  Taught (and convinced) high school Juniors that bleeding is bad for you.

5:00-5:30 pm- Didn’t recognize my first child, lost $5 in the process (see opening lines of this Glog).

5:30-6:30 pm- Dinner duty in Ordway Dining Hall.  I have no recollection of what I ate, but remember that it was really good.

6:30-7:00- Junior Point instructor equipment issue. Got sleeping bag. Stuffed into a stuff sack.  Broke said stuff sack.  re-stuffed.

7:00-11:20- Duty, Holden Hall. Watched the Celtics with boys (we won!), put boys to bed, wrote dorm log.  Staggered home.

11:21 and 30 seconds pm- Fell asleep.

11:28 pm- Woke up cold. Realized I was still outside my house.  Went inside, brushed teeth, quick-showered, bed.

Good thing this was an easy day- tomorrow is going to be BRUTAL!


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  1. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    Doug, It has been 18 years ( seems like just yesterday) and I am pleased to see that as you may have gotten older but have remained the same in regard to your life at Gould. Don’t change as you continue to bring commitment and humor to your job. Comments done yet ?????

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