A Day in the Country

March 29, 2013

Another busy day in Xi’an. The kids started out the morning in a primary school class. Colin and I snuck in and everyone started to mingle. It got REALLY loud and exciting at one point and I told Jess that the class reminded me of Lucas’ Kindergarten class. At that moment the teacher clapped three times and it was instant complete silence. American jaws were agape. Our kids then went outside to join other primary school kids for PE. There was a heated relay race and some high level jump rope activities.







Once we got a little tired out we hopped on a bus to Huxian about an hour outside of Xi’an. This particular area outside of Xi’an is well known for its farmer paintings. We spent some time learning about life in the village. We talked about their crops and the cycles of the farming life. We also visited a small temple/nunnery that was in the process of being built.




A self taught Banhu player gave us an impromptu performance. The Banhu has two strings and the bow is actually between them.









We had a lovely lunch of locally made food; the noodles were made from the wheat grown in the village. After lunch we were treated to a performance of some of the dances that are performed for the Lunar New Year and at other important moments in the year.

And our students got a chance to try out some dancing too!


We also gained an audience…

Our tour guide, Mr. Zhang, is a famous local painter. Mr. Zhang has an interesting story in that his father fought against Communists because he was of suspect class. Therefore his family could not go to school and had to work the fields. He was always interested in art and when intellectuals were sent to be re-educated by the peasants during the Cultural Revolution, Mr. Zhang got his art education. He is now very respected in the painting community, and is Vice President of the local painting organization.We watched Mr. Zhang create a beautiful painting of roses. Several of us purchased a piece of his work.

On the way back to school we stopped at a park for a bit of a stroll and some time to sit, rest, look at fish, journal, etc.


We came back to campus and while the hosts were finishing yet another test. While we waited the students had a last chance to make some friends and communicate with the students of XFLS.

Many pictures were  take with our students.

Then our students headed out for the weekend with their hosts. They seemed mostly excited, but a little nervous about having to be back on campus at 4:45 Monday morning – yikes!

Finally a picture of Ali and her host!

The students and their hosts (except Ali and her host who took off right after I took their picture.)

The students on their way out the gate.

We may post once over the weekend with some sights that we see and your students may have seen.



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  1. Avatar Barbara Parker says:

    Thank-you so much for sharing with us day by day your adventures in China and all the great photograps of our kids!! I have really enjoyed reading the blog everyday to see what everyone there is doing! I can’t wait to talk to Ali about her experiences.

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