A Culture Shift to Green

September 24, 2012

Gould Academy continues to go green by recently adding recycling bins on campus. The bins will help Gould become more sustainable and educate students on environmentally friendly practices.

Tracey Wilkerson, Gould’s environmental sustainability coordinator, leads the charge to improve the school’s recycling program.

“The bins will guide Gould to become a model of sustainability,” said Wilkerson. “This will not be short term and maybe not easy, but we have a lot of momentum and enthusiasm among students and adults. The whole culture of the place is changing, which is exciting.”

Tracey Wilkerson and Ella recycle cardboard from Ghering Hall.

In past years Gould would recycle in dorms, academic buildings and were encouraged to recycle in homes. Once a week the recycling was collected and taken to the bins at the Bethel Transfer Station.

Now, through a new partnership, Oxford County Recycling will collect the organized paper, plastic, cardboard and cans.

Wilkerson hopes that Gould will continue to develop as a greener campus.

“I want Gould to be a model community for operating responsibly in all aspects. I’d like for the habits that support environmental sustainability to become habits. I want other schools to come here, and ask how we do it!” she said. “We already are composting, recycling on campus and messing around with motion sensor lights. We have solar panels on the science center, with room for expansion.”

Tristan recycles in Holden Hall.

While Gould’s efforts are moving it forward towards a greener sustainable future, they are also a way to teach.

“I think it’s important because we’re in the business of educating students,” said Wilkerson. “We want them to leave Gould with healthy habits, and that includes the habit of being mindful of their local and global environment.”


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