A Cold Day at the Academy

December 16, 2009

A cold day at the academy today… It was kind of nice to have a little break in the cold weather the past few days. It let us all have fun having snowball fights and such.

But as Annie said, the highlight of last weekend was snowball. It was nice to have so many people there. The dancing was cool, but the real heart of the party was at the poker table… Anyways, I am excited for break coming up in a few days. It’s weird we’ve only been here a couple weeks and now we are going on vacation, but I like it. Not much else has happened this week, but I will keep all you gloggers posted over break.
Hope all of you have a great vacation and most importantly be sure to stay classy.

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  1. Avatar Fredrico Dicaprio Davinci Glosk says:

    The real heat was the actual Dancing my dearest Edward! If you had only experienced the heat of the dancers out on that floor…

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