A Close Call With Security…

March 25, 2014

Just joking – there was no trouble with security. Check out the photo below. Don’t worry. They don’t allow people in to the actual excavation pits!

Today’s highlight was hands-down seeing the famous terra-cotta warriors, a world heritage site. The school arranged for a tour guide so we would learn even more about the exhibit. Our tour guide was very kind, patient, and knowledgeable.





We went in to view each of the three pits.  The first was the largest, and it was the first discovery. The whole tomb was discovered by a farmer who was trying to dig a well. What a find!  The first pit contains an army with soldier in three ranks, designated as foot soldiers, officers, or generals by their hairstyling.

The second pit contained terra-cotta figures arranged as if they were guarding something. There was also a horse-drawn chariot in this pit. The third pit was the least excavated as they are hoping technology will be developed which will preserve the life-like colors that are painted on the warriors.  We also got to see the famous bronze chariots, which are half-sized not life-sized.

By the way, First Lady Michelle Obama had visited the site the previous day.





Bus Ride



After we returned to school, we learned about traditional visual arts from the school’s very talented art teachers. We learned about calligraphy and traditional Chinese art paintings.


This means Gould Academy:


Learning Painting


Learning Painting 2

Tomorrow we will spend time talking with a first grade class before heading off to a reenactment of an ancient Chinese village.


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