A Brief Shout out to the Coaches and Teachers of Gould Academy…

January 23, 2012

Hi everyone, and welcome to the last full week of January, edging the Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors ever closer to their part of the 4 point experience, and the Seniors towards a great March Break!

I Honestly can’t wait to go out in the woods. This morning started to scare me though.

I woke up to my alarm, at the daily 6:20am start, which gets me up and to the mountain on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and gets me to school with some time for a shower on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays don’t have a spot on my iPhone for an alarm, because even if I set an alarm, it would be so early I would never hear it. (Thanks Mom and Dad, you guys are the best super-early morning alarm clocks a kid could have!)

Anyways, it was -20 degrees fahrenheit out. I kinda murmured a short “I don’t want to ski through that…” to my parents, and they turned off my alarm and told me to go back to bed. Meanwhile, they texted my coach that I wasn’t going to ski because I was tired from my race yesterday (I got 29th, moving up in the world) and it was wicked cold out. He said that was perfectly ok, and that he would see me tomorrow. Talk about serious adaptability.

However, I don’t feel our coaches and program directors get enough recognition. They create workout plans painstakingly tailored to our teams needs, designed to make us stronger and more ready for the season. They check in on us, take us to new places and make sure we are pulling our own weight during the summer, a time which they could be taking off. They find time to kick us into shape during the fall, and then coach us during the winter.

But coaching is something that most people would not understand. They might think they simply tell us to go straighter, or attack the course, and clean our boots at the top so we don’t accidentally fall out of our skis. However, they also drive us to the races, every Saturday and sometimes Sunday, completely devoting their weekends to us. They miss Football games on occasion, and sometimes even drive us to races during the week. Sure, they talk course tactics as well, but they also set our courses. They fix broken gates, and drag the gates to wherever they need to be. They free ski with us, and just generally make sure that we are skiing to our full ability. I have even heard rumours that the Nordic coaches WAX THEIR KIDS SKIS. Talk about devotion.

It is not only the coaches that make our programs run, but the directors. They make sure that we are caught up on school work when we miss a lot of school, and they get homework for us while we are away. They make sure that we have hill space along with the Bates ski team, along with the J3’s and any other colleges who need training space. They make sure that everyone gets wherever they need to be at any time, and fill in as coaches on occasion. They make sure we all have the right amount of gates, at the right time and can train for as long as possible. They also make sure we are all having fun!

The final part of the puzzle is the Teachers. Without the teachers that we have on campus, many of us could not compete on the level that we do. They are incredibly resilient people, who allow us to go on weeklong trips, miss large amounts of class time if we need to, then work extremely hard to catch us back up when they see us again.

So, to all Teachers, Coaches and Directors, From all of the Gould athletes, THANK YOU! We could not become the student athletes we are today without all of the hard work and effort on your part.


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  1. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

    Great post, John. From the heart. Keep up the good work!

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