A Break From the Routine

November 20, 2015

Greetings from the north!

As a skier, Canada has been tons of fun and I find myself slipping into a rhythm of skiing my heart out for an hour, coming back inside, eating as much food as I can, and then crashing for 15-60 minutes. Today I was able to break the pattern of sleeping, skiing, and eating with a trip into the Quebec city for the afternoon. We walked around the city in groups of 5-6, eating food, being touristy, and hanging out. A tradition that Lilo, Livy, Steph, Marcus, Duncan and I have is to find the street that Marcus has dubbed as “The Christmas Tree Street”.  Although, there is no snow on the ground right now the street is a reminder to me that Christmas and more skiing is coming. Our plan for tomorrow is to do a classic team time trial, so our half day off was much needed.

Keep thinking snow!


Lily and I being touristy

Lily and I being touristy

Post interval session on Tuesday

Post interval session on Tuesday

The Christmas Tree Street Tradition

The Christmas Tree Street Tradition


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  1. Avatar Brett Shifrin says:

    It is great you are all have fun.

  2. Avatar Sarah Weafer says:

    Thanks for the great pictures Mia!

  3. Avatar Molly says:

    YES I remember the christmas street! There is also a Christmas store, if you search hard enough!

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