A BIG Opening Weekend

September 9, 2012

Orientation trips returned on Saturday morning, so we got things rolling Saturday afternoon with a distance double pole along the Bethel Bike path and out North Road.  Upon return, we still had a few more orientation exercises to knock out:

Sadie (and a couple of her new dorm-mates) coming into the opening formal assembly of the year.

New Headmaster Matt Ruby speaks to the assembly for the first time of his career – a warm welcome to both the students AND the headmaster!

Our first formal dinner of the year followed… but not to be bogged down by events, the nordic crew woke up early to get in some new core and stability strength exercises in the fieldhouse:

Sadie doing some dynamic sit-ups

Marcello doing some active handstand and shoulder post work – ask him how his shoulders and back were doing later that night (and he is already quite strong)!

Caleb doing some…. we’re not really sure what to call these yet. But he was doing pretty well for a first-year! He claimed he wasn’t tired… but we’ll ask him again tomorrow.

And in the afternoon, a few of the older skiers got back together and headed out to Grafton Notch for a nice ski.

This photo does absolutely no justice to how beautiful it was in Grafton Notch State Park today.

Trent broke a tip – “maybe I can just fit a rock in there where the tip came out”. Trent – leave it up to the coach!

On the way home we hit up our favorite swimming spot, and got back on campus in plenty of time to enjoy the beginning of the year barbecue!  Tomorrow is the start of classes and on off day from training… with a ski team meeting at 7.


Caleb and Schuyler (winter term skier) doing who knows what to the bell tower…


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  1. Avatar Tara says:

    at bma we are doing gymnastics on tues… looks like you’re ahead of the game, kline! good to know we’re not crazy!

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