A Belated Happy Lunar New Year! & (SuperBowl!)

February 2, 2014

Hey guys,

Happy Lunar New Year! Yes, we Vietnamese celebrate it, too, and this week I had so many big meals thanks to this special occasion.

one Lunar NY dinner buffet prepared by the Gould kitchen staff – needless to say, this is always my favorite buffet of the year *wink, wink, we have many special occasions for buffet*. Dumplings, beef bulgogi, everything tastes really good! I really miss celebrating Tết (how we address Lunar NY in Vietnamese) at home, so having a cornucopia of Asian dishes totally made my week better.

one traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year with my Vietnamese friends at Gould; here we have sticky rice cakes, pork floss, something Wikipedia calls Vietnamese ham/pork with fish sauce?, fish sauce, and even spring rolls, which were being fried as I took this photo. We even watched an annual comedy show, but ended up focusing on finishing everything on the table first. Nevertheless, it was a nice dinner with fresh, authentic food.

photo 3

Meanwhile, a few days before New Year, my Chinese friends decided to throw a big family-style dinner. Gehring kitchen suddenly becomes the place to be, again.
photo 1photo 2

and that big SuperBowl dinner we all look forward to, because it is the time of the year when the Dining Hall becomes the Living Room, as everyone brings the own furniture (it has been stated that lounge furniture remains in the lounge). The food will be great, the atmosphere will be cozy, the homework should be done, the students will be chillin’; what could be better?

And to Ms. Frailey, who asked me three weeks earlier if I made New Year resolutions – yes, of course, just a month later than you!

Hope you all have a great Sunday; here at Gould, in forty minutes we all will be indulging in good food and great time with friends!



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