May 20, 2010

Hi readers,

One more class day. Hang in there.
Last Tuesday, formal dinner was also a local dinner. We had quiche that was made from eggs that came from just down the hill at the barn and apples and potatoes from local farms. It was great to know were where my food was coming from and to support local growers.
This morning was the last Polar Bears! We swam at Jin Sysco’s Pond, which was relatively warm and had an awesome zipline and rope swing. After the swim, we ate breakfast, got all dry, and then got back in the water for a group picture.
At rockclimbing we ran the”Run of Manhood.” You’ll have to run it yourself to get the full experience of this traditional Gould rockclimbing experience, but here’s a photo taken of the crew after the run.
I know the play happened a while ago, but Helen C took some great photos of the cast and crew, and pictures are fun anyways.

Helen, Sam, and Rebecca
Angel and “Domo

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