May 18, 2010

Did you know that Gehring Dorm has its own “fairy godmother?” It seems to be true! Sunday night the formal lounge was FILLED with goodies that included bundt cake, cream cheese brownies, teas, fruit with honey vanilla cream sauce, vegetables and dip, chocolate fondu, pound cake, pumpkin cake, and so much more! What a treat for Gehring residents, as we turn the corner and head into the last week of classes.

It is hard to believe this school year is winding to a close already, but spring is here. At the farm we’ve been working on a new garden space. This year most of the summer harvest will be donated to “Plant a Row for the Hungry” and the fall harvest will be served in the dining hall. We’re planning on having weekly work parties through the summer to help our garden grow and take care of odd jobs that inevitablyy come up on any farm. Email me if you’re interested in joining us!

I’ve compiled a few photos from the past week with Gould’s Farm and Forest program.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos, check out Gould Academy Farm and Forest on Facebook.

Until next week, which will be the last week before summer break!



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